6 Best Free Fonts for Designers

Written by Rob Mcphie  |  25-03-15

Fonts are the building blocks of the designer’s toolkit, and creatives are always on the lookout for new styles. The best free fonts and font families for body or display use are highly prized by designers, be they amateur or professional. Here are six of what I would say are the very best free fonts of recent times, along with details, previews and download links.


Probably the biggest hitter among free fonts of the last couple of years, Museo remains very popular with designers in print and web. Whatever you think of Museo’s style, there’s no denying its high quality design. The wider family consists of Museo, Museo sans and Museo serif, and each sub-family has a range of weights, often with italic variants. Most fonts in the family are available for free download, with a handful requiring purchase. This versatile face is suitable for use in a wide range of settings.
More info and download here.




Fertigo Pro
As anyone who has worked in type design, or is experienced in setting type can atest, creating an overtly soft, friendly typeface without falling into the cheesy, ‘over the top’ trap is very difficult indeed. With Fertigo Pro however, the task has been accomplished well, and the fact it is available free makes this font unmissable. This warm, curvy font – reminiscent of fluffy clouds or swirls of ice cream – is only suitable for very specific tasks; indeed, you may never find yourself with a design task which would actually call for it! If you do though, it will really fit the bill. Would look good (in right context) on a curved baseline.
More info and download here.




Bebas Neue
Featuring only an uppercase set, the first version of Bebas was a very popular free font – and deservedly so. This fabulous Grotesque revival has recently been released as Bebas Neue, in a family of five complimentary weights. This relatively narrow sans face is equally at home in headlines, short, heavy paragraphs or modern interpretations of retro styles. Consider this an essential addition to your library.
More info and download here.




This is a nice, clean sans serif style. It has to be said, there’s nothing spectacular to say about Aileron, but perhaps that’s its greatest strength – it functions as a worthy alternative to the usual Helvetica/Arial default fonts in the Windows and Mac operating systems. A range of 8 weights with italics make it versatile enough for any text heavy layout. Well worth downloading – try a paragraph of Lorem Ipsum and see what you think of the type colour and legibility.
More info and download here.




Exo 2.0
A recent addition to Google’s ever expanding library of web fonts, Exo 2 is certainly not suitable for every circumstance, but is nonetheless, a very attractive, quality type design. Highly legible, despite having more than a hint of science & futuristic technology, it’s a worthy alternative to commercial faces like Neo Sans or Flexo. The font comes with a comprehensive family of 9 weights from Thin to extra black – each with italics – making this an attractive package.
More info and download here.




A great addition to any designer’s toolkit, Langdon replicates the type of font seen in vintage print from around a century ago, but with a fresh feel. As a rather nice bonus, the lowercase letterforms have a solid drop shadow for the full vintage experience. Colouring the shadows and letters differently & arcing text in Illustrator will quickly produce a very pleasing retro effect.
More info and download here.




I hope you enjoyed this quick look at some recently release free fonts. We’ll be looking at this subject again soon, but if you’ve found any interesting free fonts you’d like to tell the world about, pop over to our Facebook page and let us know.


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