Redmoor Health is a specialist in the practical application of technology across digital health and social care. They are a mark of excellence in digital Healthcare and have worked with the team at T—PW to develop their new brand and website. Through this Redmoor Health have provided many different Healthcare organizations with the PR & Communications support they need.

The Redmoor brand has been rolled out across print and digital applications, which are used as resources on the Redmoor website. This provides companies with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about technology's role in Healthcare.

Redmoor has also started their not for profit “Digital Health Academy”, providing training and support for Healthcare organizations. The sub-brand has been adapted from the Redmoor brand, showing the connection between the two partners.

“TPW is a high-quality agency with a real grasp of how to find the right message for the right audience. We have used them for a variety of projects and believe you will be hard-pressed to find an alternative agency that offers the same level of quality with great customer service throughout the project”

Marc Schmid
Director - Redmoor Health