Triple Work Placements at TPW!

Written by Rob Mcphie  |  12-08-16

It’s been a busy time in the design studio, as three students have just completed their work placements with us. Friends Nial Newsham and Finn Prendergast of Walton-Le-Dale Arts College & High School spent two eventful weeks learning about design and business at TPW, joining Nathan Lamkan, who was already here.

To assess their level of understanding in design, we set them both the brief of branding themselves as a business. They were to produce a personal logo for their own name, along with any material they considered relevant or useful. This type of exercise is useful, as it isn’t too overwhelming for the student, yet allows us to see how they deal with typography, layout, target audience and so on.

Both enjoyed the work enormously, and Finn in particular began to show promise in the field of logo design and branding, whereas Nial became drawn to compositing images in Photoshop, and picked up new techniques in masking and layering images. Having not been taught very much about design yet, they both learned an awful lot during their time here.

Nathan on the other hand, was a little older, and surer of where his design interest lay. His grounding in design education had led him to an interest in programming and user interface design. Needless to say, he enjoyed his time with TPW’s digital department, picking up tips and observing web development in a real world business environment.

All three students enjoyed their time with us, and learned a lot about the design business along the way. Before moving on, Nial wrote us a letter which read “Thank you for a great two weeks, I cannot think of anywhere else I could have gone for my work experience which would have been as good”. All three students have gained invaluable experience of life in a busy, working design studio – experience that will serve them well in the future.



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