Yesterday’s News, Today.

Written by Michael Walmsley  |  18-11-16


Since making a ‘flying start’ in early 2016 by launching Granby’s new brand, forming a partnership with the UK largest Canopy supplier, and a leading distributor in alcoholic beverages, T—PW have continued to grow and there’s plenty of news.




Creating a brand fitting of their name wasn’t easy, but T—PW formed an identity that allowed the company to transform their distributing portfolio. The design team is truly proud of the work created for this project, and they continue to build on the relationship formed.



Taking over the CanopiesUK website was a large job for the studio, but head of digital Rob Mcphie and Mike Walmsley recently completed the project. With 30k traffic running through the site per month, it has been one of the most detailed and complex carried out by the studio to date.



Blackburn College and T—PW have long been in partnership, with the studio taking roughly 20 students per year and allowing them to gain valuable industry experience. The clearing campaign, which has been massively successful, has set the tone for their future partnership.



The recent 2016/17 campaign, which focuses on Careers, and the positive effect Blackburn College has on it’s students, has been extremely well received.



Create Longridge takes part in the picturesque town centre, with a collection of artists and art makers, both amateur and professional taking part. T—PW has created a flexible system for those in the competition and their supporters to champion, capturing what is at the heart of this event.


There’s plenty more news to come, and some exciting things are happening, but we’re always looking for new clients/partners to work with, so don’t be afraid to ring or email.



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